Repair shop

Service and repair of your ski equipment and snowboards in Verbier.

Being winter sports specialists, la boit'askis nonetheless do not forget that it is necessary to service and repair skis and snowboards to take full advantage of the ski slopes throughout the winter season.Solid experience backed by a stock of modern and efficient equipment serving the soles of your feet. We can guarantee you a complete service of your downhill ski equipment andsnowboard.Drop them off in our repair shop after returning from skiing and you will find they will have well sharpened edges and a faultless glide the next morning.

Servicing skis and snowboards

  • Ceramic edge sharpening
  • Waxing
  • Stone grinding finish
  • Review of the base
  • Tuning and filling of base

We are at your service every day NON STOP from 08h15 - 18h30 !

For more information about repairs, contact La Boit'askis!